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 69.giap - new server stress test

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MessageSujet: 69.giap - new server stress test   Dim 30 Aoû - 15:59


Join us for this test tonight if you can,

Sunday night 2100 cet.

ip -

HSFX 3.21

if you don't have, don't worry, just join with whatever you have, we are stress testing & should not affect the test.

below is full admin message.

Citation :
This Sunday, normal mission time, stress test of a quad core, 8GB, Windows 2003 x64 rented machine using the Normandy template with 70 ground and 40 planes each side. No naval. The setup will be changed from the intended scenario setup to increase the action. It's not the intention for this to be the kick off from the Normandy campaign, at all. First, I want to fly the multi sector campaign with he Italians as much as anyone on the squad. Second, we don't have an opponent yet. Third, it ain't ready yet as playtesting is not yet seriously begun.

This is also an opportunity for me to see that the assumptions in the designing I made are viable. I really, really, _really_ hope that the squad will turn out in huge numbers! It is in everybodies interest to help out here as it will determine for a large part whether it is useful to upgrade the server (see Stenka's post) and this in it's turn will influence the nature and size of future campaigns. So don't do it for the squad, or me, but for yourself! And besides, it will be fun!

Gross has posted an invitation on the Italian forum, they will be flying Axis.
If anyone has contacts to other squads, feel free to invite them as well. 79? Java? Redvo?

If you can get into contact with squad mates which have been fairly inactive lately then please do so! We need to fill 40 planes for the Allies!

Everybody should (but you can fly without if you prefer) the modified 2GB exe. You can download it here:
Username: giap_all
password: giap

Download the file. 2 options now:
1. rename your il2fb.exe in your hsfx 3.21 install to il2fb.exe.bak and extract the in this directory. (you can always switch back later if you want.
2. create a copy of your hsfx installation and replace the il2fb.exe with the modified exe.

The server can be reached by typing in OR

Normal mission time. I'll post some details on what is expected from the Allies on Sunday.

This is the planeset for the Allies. It's simplified but I think it's still interesting enough and it helps SEOW performance.
P-47D-27 Thunderbolt
P-51D-20NA Mustang
Spitfire MkIX all versions except BOOST
Tempest MkV 13 lb Boost
A-20G Boston
B-17G Flying Fortress
B-24J-100 Liberator
B-25J-1 Mitchell
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MessageSujet: Re: 69.giap - new server stress test   Dim 30 Aoû - 21:56

sry will not be able to join this game

JSGME corrupted my HSFX install Mad
it was working well in 3.00

after installation of 3.1, 3.11 and 3.2, it doesnt launch anymore
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69.giap - new server stress test
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